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Here at Estate Resale, we know it can be a difficult decision knowing what to do with furniture and other items you may not want or need.  Whether you are changing decor and getting new furniture, or have china or glassware that you don't need, Estate Resale has knowledgeble staff that can help you sell these items.

We can help with the pricing, and we merchandise and sell the items for you. Shoppers love the large ever-changing inventory at our store!  That's a plus for you and the community! We find that many of our shoppers also consign with us, and keep coming back year after year!

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Please take pictures of your furniture and show us at the store to begin the process. Please pay attention to the condition of your items and be honest about it. Furniture must be from a NON-SMOKING home and free from pet hairs and odors. 
We can arrange pickup of your furniture, or talk to you about when you might drop it off. We receive and pick up furniture constantly, so please understand that there may be some wait time involved before we can pickup or accept your items. 

EMAILING PICTURES:  We prefer that you bring pictures to us rather than emailing them. We receive so many emails, and opening the picture attachments on
them can be time consuming. If you prefer to send emails, please select nothing larger than a MEDIUM size to send from a smart phone, or the EMAIL size when attaching from a camera. Larger files take too long to open.   EMAIL:

SMALL ITEMS:  Please call us to arrange for bringing in small items such as lamps, dishes, crystal, pictures, collectibles. We prefer to make appointments to
bring in your small items. Please understand if you just show up with your items, we may not be able to help you with them at that time.